Local Festivals Barcelona

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Local Festivals Barcelona

Sant Joan

The Feast of Sant Joan celebrates the start of the summer. If you are in Barcelona during this period there is no way that you will miss the date - noisy firecrackers all night long, fires in the streets and lots of people around!

Festa Major de Gracia

Festa Major de Gracia street festival is Barcelona's biggest, most colorful and most popular neighborhood festival, which attracts about one and a half million visitors each year from August. Walk through the streets of Gracia and you will be amazed by the colorful decoration, but also enjoy the best live concerts, lovely food and great atmosphere!

La Mercè

La Mercè "La festa major de Barcelona" is a festival held in honor of Mare de Deu de la Mercè, the Patron Saint of Barcelona. It´s a free festival which happens in September in Barcelona. Days and nights filled with several activities, such as street art, performers, workshops, ´correfocs´ fire runs, live concerts and not the forget the famous firework show on the last day of the festival!

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