Local Team Building Activities

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Local Team Building Activities

Passion Events offers the best professionals to learn how to build a human tower

The "Castellers" is a unique team activity originally from Catalunya which combines the most valued facets that a team should have.

It improves the confidence, trust, teamwork and strength combined with a lot of fun.

Passion Events offers the best Rumba Catalana team-building activity

Rumba Catalana is a type of music that was born in the city of Barcelona in the 50´s, developed by the Catalan gypsy community based in some of the popular neighborhoods. The music is influenced by flamenco-Andalusian songs and rhythms of Afro-Cuban music.

With our Rumba Catalana team building activity you can learn how to play in a fun way. Different traditional instruments will be given to all participants under the guidance of teachers who will show how to create the beats and rhythms of the rumba. Some of the values ​​that are expressed by this Rumba Catalana activity is not only to have learnt a new culture, but also a fun way of communication and cooperation between the participants of the team.