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In The Air

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From the sea to the mountains, from the spires of Gaudi´s Sagrada Familia to Torre Agbar, from the Olympic Rings from Montjuic to the Forum of cultures, from the grid street district of Sants to the sinuous Rambla of Flowers. If you haven´t seen Barcelona from the air, you haven´t seen anything!

Parachute Jump
If there is one package especially that makes your heart beat faster, it\'s probably this one. Barcelona provides an excellent opportunity to for the daredevils that never get enough and for the ones that would like to parachute jump for the first time.

Hot Air Balloon Flight
A hot-air ballon ride over spectacular landscapes is a magical and unforgettable experience. Enjoy a new sensation of freedom and the tranquility of floating through the air with a panoramic view up to 1000 meters high. Discover different flying formulas in private/ exclusive, family, adventure, local or crossing balloon flights.

Helicopter Flight
Becoming part of the skyline while scanning the land in a helicopter: a unique experience!

And lots more...
The activities mentioned above are just an impression of the possibilities there are.